Lino Cutting & Printing Kit

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With both traditional Lino and SoftCut carving materials, a varied selection of 6 cutters, self-adhesive printing stamps, ink roller, ink tray, premium block printing ink and much else besides, this comprehensive 23-piece kit includes everything you need to get started in the world of linocut and block printing. Experiment with artisan printmaking techninques, compare materials, and use the sturdy 3-in-1 Baren tool to hand-print your own unique designs with this fun and educational kit, which is ideal for making greeting cards, gifts, posters or high quality art prints!


  • 2x SoftCut Carving Blocks 150x105mm
  • 2x Lino Carving Blocks (178x127mm)
  • Lino Practice Piece
  • Essdee Ink Roller (100mm wide)
  • Ink Tray
  • Lino Handle with Aluminium Ferrule
  • 5x Lino Cutters No1 to No5
  • Safety Lino Cutter
  • Safety Hand Guard
  • 2x MasterCut Printing Stamp
  • Baren Base and Cap
  • 100ml Premium Block Printing Ink (Black)
  • Instructions