MasterCut Stamp Carving Kit

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Unleash your creativity with this all-in-one Essdee MasterCut Stamp Carving Kit. With five self-adhesive printing stamps, a sheet of MasterCut for larger pieces, ink pad, and a sturdy Baren tool for hand-pressing your designs onto paper, you'll be creating beautiful artworks in no time. This fun kit also includes two different cutters and a strong polypropylene handle with aluminium ferrule, allowing you to quickly secure your blades so you can work with ease and confidence. Additional MasterCut printing stamps are available in packs of 10 (MCD1).


  • MasterCut Stamp Carving Block 100x75mm
  • Lino Handle with Aluminium Ferrule
  • Baren Base and Cap
  • Lino Cutter No.1
  • Lino Cutter No.2
  • Essdee Black Ink Stamp Pad
  • 5x MasterCut Printing Stamp
  • Instructions